Windows XP installation iffyness

  Josquius 20:30 10 Oct 2003

On my old computer (the one which wouldn't read floppys, remember?) I am installing windows xp and it is actually responding!
I have passed the installation (cd no longer needed) however it says something about checking fat32 or something. It goes up to 100% complete and all then the monitor shows as inactive- like if it is switched on without the computer being switched on. The computer is still running and the HD light flashes a bit.
What could be up here?

  hugh-265156 20:45 10 Oct 2003

i am guessing your monitor or graphics card is maybe incompatable with xp.

can you access the bios to check the settings for the graphics.does the bios screen show even or is it blank too.

if you can see anything at all try tapping f5 or f8 while the computer starts and select vga mode.then you may be able to install xp drivers for the graphics or monitor.

  Josquius 20:51 10 Oct 2003

I believe my graphics card is a voodoo 4 (or maybe 3)
The bios screen and the entire load up sequence shows.

  hugh-265156 20:53 10 Oct 2003

select vga mode and get drivers click here

  hugh-265156 20:54 10 Oct 2003

ps 3rd party beta ones only.

time to treat yourself to a new card i think.

  Josquius 21:02 10 Oct 2003

How do I active VGA mode?
On the bios there is something about VGA however activating this didn't seem to do anything.
Can you give me the exact name of the thing I must enable for vga to be enabled? (What is vga anyway?)

  hugh-265156 21:04 10 Oct 2003

sorry i just ment check your bios settings for defaults.

keep tapping f8 or f5 as the conputer starts you will see a list of start up options,choose vga mode.

  hugh-265156 21:22 10 Oct 2003

if vga mode lets you in to windows and you are unsure as to which card model you have and which driver to choose then use aida32 and it will tell you the model no. hopefully click here (choose personel edt.exe)

  Josquius 17:11 12 Oct 2003

VGA mode seems to load slower then normal and it doesn't work. It checks my hard drive as per normal says there is no problems then some blue screen flashes up momentarily and the computer restarts.

  hugh-265156 23:55 12 Oct 2003

voodoo cards are quite old now im afraid.they should work with xp ok though.

had a google on this and a few people have borrowed another card from a friend to install xp with and then swapped it back to the voodoo 3 and got it working others found it installed ok.

try that if you can but if it was me i would buy a more up to date card,wont cost much if your not into games.

  Josquius 17:52 13 Oct 2003

Is there anyway to install windows 98se onto this computer without having to open xp for the 1st time and remove xp also?
I am not too bothered about having XP on that computer however windows 98 wouldn't install before.

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