Windows XP Installation

  thegreypanther 13:01 24 Aug 2003

I purchased a copy of Windows XP to install on my PC (previously running Windows 98).
After formatting the hard disc using a Windows 98 start-up disc, trying to install Windows XP using SETUP.EXE results in the message "Can't run in DOS mode".
Am I stuck, or is there something daft I should be doing?

  [DELETED] 13:05 24 Aug 2003

It doesnt work like that.

Put the XP CD in and reboot, simple as that :)

If the XP setup doesnt start you will have to make sure that CD-ROM is one of the boot options in your BIOS.

  [DELETED] 13:07 24 Aug 2003

just use the xp Cd to boot the machine, make surethe Bios is configured to boot from CD first then follow the instructions and format the drive with the xp Cd.

  [DELETED] 13:08 24 Aug 2003

great minds

  [DELETED] 13:22 24 Aug 2003

...Which will work if you BIOS is set up to boot from CD before it attempts to boot from Hard Disk...
Get in your BIOS, look for the page with "First Boot Device", "Second Boot Device", etc...
Now set up any boot device before the Hard Disk to CD-ROM...
Reboot with the windows CD in the drive and it will load, if you have 2 CD-ROM drives in your PC and this doesnt work, put the CD in the other one and try again.

  [DELETED] 11:59 09 Jan 2005

My computer is getting sluggish, and I want to reformat and then reinstall XP Home. My copy is an upgrade. Can I simply boot from the XP cd, reformat, then reinstall. Won't I need a copy of 98 or some other acceptable OS?

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