Windows XP - How can I install a game for other Us

  Adamski 20:01 08 Apr 2005

My Daughter has just bought the latest SIMS2 game. I set myself up as the only administrator on the computer and Installed the game in my daughters User account by temporarily giving her Administrator permissions. When I finished installing the game I made her an ordinary user again but she can't run the game as an ordinary user. "Unspecified Error" is reported.

What is the correct way to install a game so that either ANY User can play it or so that only SELECTED users can play it ?

  octal 08:07 10 Apr 2005

Have you had a look at the folder properties were the game is located and check if the are any boxes to click to give her Read/Write permissions? That's what I've got to do in my operating system, but it isn't XP.

Anyway, It'll bump your post to the top again so someone else might have an idea.

  Adamski 15:44 10 Apr 2005

Cheers for looking at my problem Octal but it is now sorted by the SIMS2 patch from the EA Games web site.

Are you using Windows 2000 OS ?, XP Home edition would rely on me moving the SIMS2 folders from Program files to a Shared folder if what I think you are suggesting is correct.

  octal 19:47 10 Apr 2005

My system is Linux, so it works quite differently from Windows the way it handles folders/files.

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