Windows XP Home's Booting Problem

  Amry 11:37 12 Nov 2003

Okay, here's the problem....

I decided to reformat my hard disk, and create two partitions; one with Windows XP Home, and the other Windows 98 (for backwards compatibility). I know that FAT32 systems can't read NTFS partitions, but that's okay with me, due to security concerns anyway.

This is my problem : last night, I successfully installed WinXP into my C: partition. Then, using Partition Magic 7, I created a new primary partition, D:. I also installed OSL2000 Boot Manager, so that I can switch partitions at will.

Then I used a Win9x bootdisk to boot the computer. To my suprise, I discovered that the D: partition has been renamed C:, and the original WinXP partition is nowhere to be found. Well, that part isn't so suprising, since I know FAT systems can't read NTFS.

I then proceeded to install Win98, which has been done successfully. However, now OSL2000 won't start, and if I boot into the recovery console of WinXP (using the install disc), I discovered that the NTFS partition is alive and well (now renamed as D:). However, does anyone knows how to make it a C: partition again? And to make it to active boot partition?

Failing that, can someone just tell me how to create a dual-boot (WinXP and Win98) computer? All help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

  froggg 17:52 12 Nov 2003

you should install o/s's in chronological order,ie 98 first,then xp.partition magic has an option to install a second o/s-check it out

  Amry 12:11 13 Nov 2003

Nope... in fact, I already solved it.

I simply re-installed OSL2000 in Win98, and the next time I start the computer, voila! A choice whther to boot WinXP (C:) or Win98 (F:, although when I boot into Win98, it shows itself as C:. Strange...). Problem solved.

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