windows xp home system retore no longer works

  Bertie B 17:00 09 Jan 2005

Can anyone shed the light of experience on this issue please?

After installing a version of Roxio DVD basic edition, which came with a Freecom Classic DVD RW Drive my system went completely unstable and after weeks of fighting it [I did not know at this stage that the Roxio sfware was actually the cause!] - restoring to points before the installation did not cure things [tried restoring right back as far as poss!] - I used the recovery disks that came with my PC and completely wiped the HDD and reintalled averything - then all critical Windows updates up to and including SP2.

When I got to re-install the Roxio DVD Basic again, after a week of everthing running ok, the same old problems started again [hence why I am now pretty sure it is the cause!] - so wiped everthing again and have got back to where I was before but have not dared to install roxio!! PROBLEM is that whilst the system seems to be running ok - I can't get system restore to restore back to any of the restore points which are all there for me to click on - but the system goes right thro' the process to the final screen where a message says - Unable to Restore your System to this restore point - try another! Doing that just gets the same result!

I am running Norton Security 2003 which is bang up to-date and does not detect any viruses.

I am at a loss!!!

  Graham ® 17:07 09 Jan 2005

Turn off Norton and try again.

  Bertie B 17:19 09 Jan 2005


Have already tried disabling Norton and tried a restore again but got the same result!

  sattman 17:28 09 Jan 2005

you can not assume that because their are restore points available that these will be good points. MS restore unfortunately saves the bad and the good. From your description of events I would think that restore is not now an option on this computor at this time

You should remove all the points and make new ones, but would think that you need to find out why Roxio is causing a problem or do not use it.

To get restore points working switch them off, reboot and switch restore point back on ( you may have to repeat this operation a couple of times.)

  JIM 18:26 09 Jan 2005

You may have been trying to restore back after the install of SP2 with restore points associated just with Winxp.Now as that may be a guess with what you describe,sattman may have a point in what he says.

I hope you were well protected at the time you were on the net after your install of Winxp,as that would be the danger point of possibly picking anything up.

May be worth checking your system for anything with recommended software fom forum and leave of the Roxio DVD basic edition.Plenty of others you can try first but create a restore point before installing any software would be best.

  Bertie B 18:46 09 Jan 2005

I should think I have been well protected as I connect to the internet via a Netgear ADSL Modem Router which has a hardware firewall installed. I also run additional firewalls on each pc on the network with router address signified in the "trusted" zone. I have run regular virus scans on each pc and have tested the security and virus free state of each by getting the likes od Norton and McAfee to do independent scans. Each has come up as secure and virus free!

The Roxio DVD Basic version is no longer installed - neither is my TV Tuner Caoture Card installed presently. When I get around to putting the card back in the PC i can make do with my Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator Versio 6 Platinum which works ok without problems!

I have shut off System Restore - set the available disk space to min then shut down and re-started and then thurned it back on. I shall do this a few times over the next day or so and then try install the TV card and Roxio v6 and see how it goes from there.

Until recently I have never had any probs with System Restore and it is not very encouraging to lose the comfort of knowing positively that you can re-store if some new installation upsets the works!!

Despite all of the positive scans about security - when things go funny I always have that nagging doubt as to whether some clever bu!!er has managed to istall something on my pc - there's always traffic going to and from my PC - but this does not appear to be the same on other pcs on my small network! Can't see how anything can have survived a complete HDD format though!

  Graham ® 19:35 09 Jan 2005

I have had problems with TV cards in the past - different cards in different PCs, so it must be me.

I would try the Roxio first, if that is OK, it's the TV.

  JIM 19:55 09 Jan 2005

Your right when you say "how anything can have survived a complete HDD format though!" And it should not or unlikely does.

From this particular post i also agree with your security ect.

Systems restore operation to be honest should be known know really if you create a restore point. As for traffic going to and fro, my own pc had caused me to question what the H is going on.But as members keep saying not much to gain from average users pc.

Will look out for a update from you,on your situation.


  Bertie B 20:06 09 Jan 2005

I wonder if I've stubled on the reason why system restore will not work!!

I have an additional USB2 HDD attached to the pc - before I reformatted my C drive I backed up a lot of data files and all progam files to the USB drive. Before using my original restoration disks I took the usb2 card out of the pc and it was not until I'd restored Windows the at least SP1 level that I re-intalled the usb2 card and then the drive.

Whilst I have deleted the backed-up program files from the usb2 drive I note that there is now a recycled folder, which I did not create, with all the old program files in it - and the system restore program is monitoring both HDD's - probably causing a conflict!? Also - when I try to delete the "recycled" folder I am toild " cannot delete as another program is using the folder"!!!!????

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