Windows XP (Home) - System Collapse

  Cecil1 10:47 07 Sep 2003

My XP (Home) system sems to have partially collapsed. Every time I click on to anything I'm told there's no memory left, therefore I can't retrieve anything. I can't send or receive E-mails. The 'start' menu has disappeared, therefore I can only switch off manually. Worst of all, the 'systems restore' function seems to have been disabled since all I get now is a blank screen.

Does this mean I have a virus? If so, could a kind lister please point me to some simple step-by-step instructions on how to reinstall XP from scratch? If the computer refuses to recall any of my saved documents etc does this mean I can't save them to disc and therefore will lose everything by reinstalling. Help and advice greatly appreciated.

  powerless 10:54 07 Sep 2003

Restart (or turn on) the computer, now quickly keep tapping the F8 key!

Keep doing this until a black screen with text appears.

Two options:

Choose "Last know good configuration" (like System restore) and see what happens.


Choose "Safe Mode" when you boot into safe mode it will look funny but you can access system restore, see if you can try a restore.

See what happens and there is no change...

Boot back into safe mode...

Go to start > Run > Type > Msconfig > Click ok...

Remove all ticks that you see and restart the machine.

See what happens...

As for a virus scan, try installing this AVG (free scanner in safe mode and run a scan (in normal circumstances you shoud dupdate the program but in safe mode you have no access to the internet) click here

  powerless 11:01 07 Sep 2003

There is an option to reinstall XP (so to speak) where you will not loose your documents. But its always best to backup the documents just in case before you do it. :-(

However you can find how to do if you click here

  Cecil1 19:19 07 Sep 2003

Thank you ever so much Powerless. I reinstalled from the CD because none of the approaches suggested in your first reply worked. However, I now have a system running perfectly, (so far as I can tell), and to my delight I've lost no information. Of course, it will be a slog to download all the XP updates again but I'm delighted my machine is back in working order.

I am very grateful to you for your swift response.

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