Windows XP Home SP3 running really slow

  CardoCardo 21:51 05 Nov 2008

For the past three days my PC has been running really slowly. I have not put any new programs or done anything particularly different. The event viewer shows the following error occurring every minute or so.
Event Type: Error
Event Source: VSS
Event ID: 12289
Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error CreateFileW(\\?\Volume{09bfbd00-5e66-11dd-8e07-806d6172696f},0xc0000000,0x00000003,...). hr = 0x80070005.
Re booting dos not cure. Have McAfee as security and have run Registry Mechanic to see if that solves. No it does not. PC is as good as useless running as it does.

  birdface 09:07 06 Nov 2008

I don't suppose a system restore to an earlier date will help.I did Google here= But all a bit over the top for my simple mind.

  Rahere 09:16 06 Nov 2008

The error message suggests might be....VSS allows files in use to be copied.

Are you running a backup program? NTbackup or another type? The error message suggests might be....VSS allows files in use to be copied.

  iscanut 09:17 06 Nov 2008

If you Google VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) you will find a lot of info which may help. Check out these settings...
Type "services.msc". Enter.
In the Services Window, in the right pane; Please check that the following services are enabled and also note the Startup Type:
- "Remote Procedure Call" (RPCSS), Automatic
- "COM+ Event System" (EventSystem), Manual
- "System Event Notification Service" (SENS) , Automatic
- "Volume Shadow Copy" (VSS), Manual
- "Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider" (SWPRV), Manual.

Sorry I can't be much more help.

  CardoCardo 11:07 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for the advice, Nuts, buteman and Rahere. I have already done a Google and checked exactly the settings mentioned. Most of the advice and fixes seem to relate to Windows Server rather than XP. Certainly nothing I have tried helps.

I have no back up utilities other than Carbonite, which has been active for many months so should not have suddenly caused these problems.

One thing I notice is than I do not have a "Remote Procedure Call" (RPCSS) in my Service Window listing but have two "Remote Procedure Call" (RPC) i.e. NOT "RPCSS". Both are set to Automatic. I did try system restore to an earlier date but the error message resumed after about 20 minutes.

I have tried disabling file sharing on any folders in my C: drive (I have a small home WiFi network with two laptops). This seems to have reduced the frequency of the same error message done to every two or three minutes, but it continues to occur even if the laptops are off. The PC still runs very slow and frequently hangs.

Anyone with any further suggestions?

  Rahere 11:16 06 Nov 2008

the error message and the heavy load on your PC suggests that there are processes running that you haven't tracked down yet.

press Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the windows task manager to check what processes are running for a start.

Have you stopped Carbonite to eliminate that as a possibility?

You mentioned file sharing - is your network busy too? Do you use any file sharing programs - torrents, BBC/ITV/C4/C5 tv download programs?

  CardoCardo 13:51 06 Nov 2008

Thanks Rahere,

I do not use any file sharing/torrent programs and the network is not at all busy. Just use it to share the odd file, mainly word docs or Adobe PDFs. Internet traffic goes via a router which gives both Wired and Wi-Fi.

As for tasks, yes there are loads of processes running (69 as of about 2 mins ago) some I recognise, some I have no idea what they are. If I sort by CPU usage and by Mem Usage the top ones in each are: CPU : System Idle using typically between 75% and 90% of CPU, then McNAVSvc, at about 15%, then it is more dynamic with things like explorer, svchost,iexplorer, vssvc, and cidaemon. in there. On The Mem Uasage, iexplorer, fllloowed by Skupe, Mcshield, explorer, svchost, Carbonite Service, oogleWebAccClient,McNAVSvc,and McSACore, dominates. Does that help anyone out there understand what is going on?

  CardoCardo 13:53 06 Nov 2008

PS Yes I have just turned off Carbonite and will see how that does for an hour.

  birdface 14:41 06 Nov 2008

probably a mistake in your spelling.But. click here

  JohnM. 14:31 16 Nov 2008

I am having problems with this error - there is an hotfix @ click here.
This hotfix is for Task Schedules which are denied access on System Restore. There are lots of other solutions to this error on the MS website.


  CardoCardo 16:31 16 Nov 2008

Thanks buteman. Tried the fixes at the end of your link. Ran RegCure and Lavasoft AdAware. Both report loads of items to fix/clean up. The result was no improvement in performance but now McAfee, Outlook both hung indefinitely needing a reboot and my printer driver was knocked out and needed reinstalling. However disabling the back-up facilities in McAfee,pausing Carbonite as well as reducing the number of files I share on the home network have improved things a lot, though still unacceptably slow compared to how it normally ran. Am trying the hotfix suggested by JohnM now. See if that helps

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