Windows XP Home SP2 System Restore

  dennis the menace 13:07 26 Aug 2005

I installed a new hard drive on my PC. I copied the files from the old drive to the new one.
Now the program System Restore is no longer working.
When I select Control panel > System Properties > System Restore tab, I am kicked out and get the RUNDLL dialog box with the message – An exception occurred while trying to run
“C:\ WINDOWS|System32\sysdm.cpl”,System”
Clicking on the message closes the dialog box and the System Properties
My operating system is Windows Xp SP2 (Home dition)
Can anybody tell me how I can fix this ?

  rawprawn 13:38 26 Aug 2005

Try running a system file scan. Start/Type sfc /scannow (Watch the space between sfc and scannow) You will need your XP CD

  ACOLYTE 14:21 26 Aug 2005

You have copied the OS from one drive to another drive or am i reading it wrong,but i don't think you can just copy the OS over to a new drive.
If you don't mean that then it may be that the files on the old drive have reg entries that don't correspond anymore especially if some files had been installed to the drive.

  dennis the menace 14:47 26 Aug 2005

I ran the system file scan, no errors reported.
Any other ideas

  rawprawn 14:58 26 Aug 2005

AS ACOLYTE says you can't copy an OS from one drive to another. You can copy "Files" which you said, but not applications. You would be best to Clean install XP on your new drive, then reinstall all the applications you want, then copy the files accross.
You can actually do it but you need a program such as XXCopy, but I think the longer way round is safer, and it doesn't take so long to install XP , but a bit longer for the Prgrams depending how many.

  hubdean 14:58 26 Aug 2005

have you got 4 install disks from p/bell

  Cannuck 15:14 26 Aug 2005

I too have just installed a new Western Digital hard drive on my computer. The new drive came with software that allows you to transfer all files and O/S over to the new drive, in just one action.
You set up the new drive as the slave, and tell the software to make the new drive the "boot" drive, and away you go.
After the installation you then make the new drive the master and the old drive (if you're keeping it) the slave.
The software is called "Data Lieguard Tools", and it is really easy to follow the instructions.
Everything works as it should on my computer.

  dennis the menace 15:21 26 Aug 2005

I used the process described by Cannuck, the program for copying the drive came with the new drive - set up the new drive as the slave, and tell the software to make the new drive the "boot" drive, and away you go. After the installation I made the new drive the master. All programs work OK, the only exception is the system restore.

  Cannuck 15:34 26 Aug 2005

My "System Restore" only goes back to the time I installed the new drive, and it works ok.
By the way the software is Data Lifeguard Tools

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