Windows XP Home Shutdown problem

  v1c 00:05 19 Aug 2004

2 years ago I reformatted my hard drive and installed a new copy of XP Home SP1 included.
Everything worked except for a strange thing, when I select "Turn Off Computer" after a short while the screen comes up with "It is now safe to turn off your computer" !
To turn it off I have to push the, wait for it, the "On Button" on my tower, it then then just turns evrything off.
On restarting the next time all is fine, no windows scans or anything, HELP PLEASE it's getting me down.

  sil_ver 00:17 19 Aug 2004

Could be a misbehaving program or driver which fails to close at shutdown. First thing I would try is to disable or set to manual all programs that don't need to start at startup and then try to shut down properly. If that cures it then one of those programs is responsible. You might try reinstalling your hardware drivers such as soundcard.

  rawprawn 08:53 19 Aug 2004

click here It looks like a BIOS problem, look here someone trying to get the message back. I'm sorry I don't have time to look further at the moment. Type "It is now safe to turn off your computer" into google and have a look round.

  Nigel-331402 09:01 19 Aug 2004

That 'On' button you are talking does have a seconday function - It is also the 'Off' button (i.e. it is an on/off button) ;)

Have you tried looking in the power options in the control panel ?

As already mentioned the BIOS is another good place to look.

  v1c 14:20 19 Aug 2004

Thank you to all of you, the answer is in the power management settings.
For anyone else the APM settings in Control Panel, Power management, APM tab.
Windows default setting was "not" enabled, when I "enabled" the option the computer shut down on it's own.
Thanks to you all.

  rawprawn 18:36 19 Aug 2004

Thank you, that's what I like to see. When the problem is solved, how it was done so that we can all learn. (even if you had to do it yourself)I wish that more people would show the solution rather than just put a tick.

  v1c 19:35 19 Aug 2004

Thanks for that, you make a good point I appreciate it. I'm a doddery old 59 year old and grateful for all the help I can get.
You take care,

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