Windows XP Home, restart & shutdown times

  Sapins 16:53 06 May 2004

I have a dual boot with 98SE and XP Home, the computer seems to be slow rebooting,2 minutes 22 seconds,restarting 2 minutes 34 seconds and shutting down 49 seconds. Also, Outlook express takes 13 seconds to be ready to use from clicking the icon and Internet Explorer takes 20 seconds. Are these times average ones and if not what could be possible cause/s?

XP is set to default and to get to the first XP screen takes 45 seconds, this is after the keyboard, USB, 2 hard drives, DVD CD Rom and CD RW drives are confirmed,and the GoBack option is displayed.

  rawprawn 17:04 06 May 2004

Have a look in start/run/ type msconfig look in start and see how many programs are there that you don't need to start to run the computer, untick the ones you don't need.Don't untick services or AV & firewall.Clear out temp files etc & defrag.

  Sapins 17:13 06 May 2004

Thanks rawprawn, will try your suggestions, I think I'm due a defrag anyway.

  Sapins 17:17 06 May 2004

rawprawn, just looked at the start list, some locations are given as HKLM, one as HKCU and four common start up, where can I find these please.



  yattonharry 17:55 06 May 2004

Rawprawn wrote:-

Have a look in start/run/ type msconfig look in start and see how many programs--

So I had a go - and my computer cannot find this.
I have been 'tidying up'! have I deleted it - can I get it back? It is not to be found as msconfig in my Recycle Bin

  Sapins 19:09 06 May 2004

Hi yattonharry, I don't think you can delete msconfig, click on start then click on run and in the box that opens type msconfig, it will open with 6 tabs, click on the start up tab at the right hand end and you will see a list of the programmes that load on start up, hope you don't think I'm being too obvious.



  woodchip 19:22 06 May 2004

I have two comps one 98se with AMD 1700xp+ cpu, and a new comp with XP Celeron 2.6 on both start fairly fast both less than a min but the 98se is faster both at starting and shutting down than the XP comp. Programs running in the startup folder can adversely affect this time bad one for slowing the Comp are MS Office items and AV that starts at boot to check your system. Look in MSCONFIG type it in the run box then look at the start tab for programs

  rawprawn 19:39 06 May 2004

click here it will give you all the programs that can be in your msconfig menu to start.yattonharry you cannot delete msconfig just follow sapins here is another start up index that will tell you what is wanted and what is safe to remove. good luck

  Sapins 19:45 06 May 2004

Cheers rawprawn, must leave it till later got to watch the Newcastle match first. Many thanks to all of you for your help, much appreciated,



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