Windows XP Home problem

  Astrid 18:38 07 Jul 2008

I think I need to do a repair or reinstall of Windows XP. I have a CD but when I insert it I get the message that my computer is installed with a newer version and that I can't do a repair or a reinstall. Is there any way around the problem?

  woodchip 18:50 07 Jul 2008

Two ways. Buy a new Hard Drive they are cheap now, and load the CD you have on the new drive. Then set the jumper on the old drive to Slave if its a IDE and fit it in the comp you can then get to your files etc on the drive. You can also run check disc on the old drive to see if there are any problems with the drive

  woodchip 18:52 07 Jul 2008

You do not say what kind of drive you have but hears some click here

You can put in the search box Sata or IDE drives to find what you want

  woodchip 18:54 07 Jul 2008

Forgot to ask, can you get into safe mode? if you can try running System Restore to a old date

  chub_tor 19:15 07 Jul 2008

You are getting this message becsuse your system has been updated eg your disc is XP1 and you have upfated to SP2 or SP3. To make a reinstall possible without losing all your data you need to make a new disc that will contain both your original disk information and have the updates "slipstreamed" onto it as well.

You can find information about slipstreaming click here. So first you need to know what is on your original disc ie Original version of XP, or XP plus SP1 or XP plus SP2 then you can download the appropriate Service Packs(s) and make the slipstream disc.

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