Windows XP Home Edition (Dell) not loading pics

  Devilish 13:11 26 Jul 2003

I have tried on several occasions to download pictures, eg. jpegs, bmps, art, etc.. and whilst they seem to download OK, I cannot read them on any of the software downloaded on the PC. I have a new Dell 8300 and after reading your article about computer hardware companies not installing or supplying the full versions of Windows XP, I was wondering if this was the cause of my problems.

I have had several email conversations with the Dell Help Desk but the just keep on telling me to repair Internet Explorer 6, which is difficult as it is not in the Installed Programmes list in Control Panel, I believe you can only repair from that source ?

Help to say the least !

  User-312386 13:13 26 Jul 2003

go to click here which will download IE

  graham√ 15:47 26 Jul 2003

Email from Devilish 'It doesn't open with anything downloaded on my Dell PC... hence these problems. They come over ok as right click on pictures I want, download into my Pictures directory and thats it, I cannot open them'

Develish, please use the 'Add a new response facility' below.

So they are in your My Pictures folder? What happens when you open the folder, are they there?

  VoG II 15:51 26 Jul 2003

How to repair IE click here

However, I doubt if that's the problem. Open up My Pictures, right click on one and choose Open With. Then select the program that you want to open them with and tick the box that says "always use this program...".

  Devilish 15:57 26 Jul 2003

They are there but won't open. Also I did a search on the PC and it couldn't find it either, even though they are sitting in My Pictures, very strange. I have found a round about solution. I copy the picture I want into paint and save it there.

Its not a major part of my pc usage, its just dam annoying.

  graham√ 16:24 26 Jul 2003

If you double left click on a picture, it should automatically open in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

In 'My Pictures', accessed from the Start menu, there should be a folder with Sample Pictures. Can you open them?

You may (as I did once) find that you have two 'My Pictures' folders, one on the desktop and one in Start.

If none of this works, there is something wrong with your Windows.

  pepe 16:28 26 Jul 2003

Maybe your file associations have become corrupt and need to be reset.

Right click on a JPEG and select "Open with..". When the dialogue opens choose IE as the default, (or any third party programme you choose) click okay, and try to double click a JPEG to see if it opens.

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