Windows XP Home Auto Switch Off!

  TonyV 21:27 03 Mar 2005

I have finally completed a clean install of Win XP Home. It worried me to death during the formatting procedure, but it seems to have gone through OK. However, there is one silly little point that I do not like about XP and hopefully there is some one out there who can tell me what to do.

The problem is this:- when I go to switch off the machine, I go through the Start Button then Turn off Computer. This then goes through the switch off procedure, but does not switch itself off. It comes up with a message that says It is now Safe to Switch Off! I then have to switch off manually. On my Win 98 SE, I switched off and it went off automatically. Equally so on another machine that has XP Home that shuts down automatically with out any secondary asking!

How can I set my machine to switch itself off?


  LeadingMNMs 21:42 03 Mar 2005

Is this a new problem, with the clean install, or was this also a problem before.

I think that this facility is more to do with the actual switch on the computer and the PSU rather than XP itself.

  JonnyTub 21:47 03 Mar 2005

check power option under control panel

  TonyV 22:11 03 Mar 2005

Leading MNMs & Jonny Tub

It operated perfectly alright under Win 98SE.

I've looked in the Power Options, and can see nothing that would help as far as the machine switching itself off!



  TonyV 23:22 03 Mar 2005

Thanks to VoG™, I found the answer from this link. click here. It was in a previous query about Shut Down and Switch off from Maryp on 28/11/2004. I should have tried the Search button before asking the question!!
Thanks VoG™ and Maryp!!



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