Windows XP hangs when connected to LAN

  vinnielo 21:27 28 Sep 2003

Windows XP likes to hang after a few minutes connected to my LAN. There's not a lot I can do when it does, but a few applications sometimes work for a bit.

I've tried closing each process individually, but I can never fully cure it.

I have found that Windows responds again for a while when plugging in/unplugging my USB solid state disk.

Any idea where the problem may lie?

  Gaz 25 22:39 28 Sep 2003

It could be that the adapter is not configured correctly.

Or could be a conflict.

To configure your LAN adapter:

Open Network connection, right click on your LAN network icon, click properties.

Then click in the list: Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) so it is highlighted. Do NOT remove the tick.

Then click properties.

In properties you need to select the blob next to use the following IP address:

Insert: for the main PC. and for the second PC connected:

Then both PC's have the same subnet mask of:, windows may add this for you anyway.

Then in use the following DNS server addreses: Add the computer IP with Internet connection sharing if you have it this is normally the main PC:, otherwise leave blank of you do not use it.

Then click Ok.

Reboot, see what happens.

If not try looking for error messages or conflicts in eventvwr.msc from the Run command.

Post them here and someone will help.

Hope I have been of help.


  vinnielo 11:20 29 Sep 2003

Can you please explain why I need to manually assign the IP address?

I'm on the uni network, and I believe I can only access the net via the IP given to me.

  johnbhoy 11:30 29 Sep 2003

Vinnielo - Try unplugging network cable from network card while your PC boots, once it boots up connect the cable again and get network connectivity. We have the same problem with a laptop in work and this seems to have resolved it.



  vinnielo 12:24 29 Sep 2003

Interesting piece of advice there, but sadly, makes no difference.

I have a feeling it may have to do with the notifications, since unplugging the network cable and unplugging USB devices creates the effect of a defibrillator.

  vinnielo 23:48 29 Sep 2003

I've found the problem.
The Language bar on my taskbar is acting strangely. I've taken it off now and everything is fine.

I think it gets a bit weird when it tries to detect the language of each page I visit on the internet, and thus confusing me into thinking it's got to do with connection to the LAN itself.

If anyone's got any idea as to why this language bar is causing a problem for me, I'd love to know.
How can I reinstall it?

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