Windows XP hangs on Welcome screen

  [DELETED] 11:17 25 Oct 2003

We have two profiles set up on XP.

Boots as normal to Welcome Screen, but then about 70% of the time, if you click on a name, it just "hangs" saying "Windows is loading your preferences"

The only way out is to switch off power (Ouch! BAD I know) and try again, and again, and again....

Can't even find a way to get it to boot in Safe Mode (F5 or F8 on older Windows)

What's going on?!


  [DELETED] 11:27 25 Oct 2003

Have you tried a system restore back to when everything was ok?

  graham√ 11:52 25 Oct 2003

Check in Add/Remove programs for Windows update Q811493. Uninstalling that cured a similar problem.

  [DELETED] 12:38 25 Oct 2003

I've tried a few System Restores and it's not helping. In fact the problem started during a Restore, which crashed the PC and on re-boot, the thing hung and has been exhibiting this (potential) problem since.

Also, my system doesn't have Windows update Q811493 to remove :-(

Sometimes I can log on to the other profile easier than mine. If I then try to "Log on as different user" while the first profile is up and running, the PC simply crashes.

Forgot to say it's XP Home not Pro Edition

Thanks for suggestions

  [DELETED] 12:43 25 Oct 2003

click here may help

  [DELETED] 13:05 25 Oct 2003

Do you find it hangs on the startup after sending Windows XP into hibernation mode. Some computers seem to react badly to hibination.

  [DELETED] 13:22 25 Oct 2003

Thanks VoG, will try that next time I get the prob (printing off page now to keep handy!!!)

SheffieldSpy - yes, it did seem to be doing it more when setting hibernation etc profiles, but we switched all this off and it's still doing it (sporadically)

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