Windows XP Freezes on startup

  noddy 09:40 31 Aug 2005

Hi guys..

Need some help, as I dont really want to lose all my data on my pc.

After a recent clean up on my pc, when I restart it just freezes at windows xp startup and will not proceed any further.

I have tried all the usual suspects, I.E. F11 and selecting last know good start up config, also I dont have CD with windows XP as it came pre-bundled.

Spoke with people in PC World (ahh) and they are suggesting the usual..format and start all over again.

Really need some positive " Data Saving Help Here "

Any clues ?

  johnnyrocker 09:47 31 Aug 2005

what exactly do you mean by clean up? and have you tried system restore?


  noddy 09:51 31 Aug 2005

I used CC cleaner to remove old html files, and it also provides functionality to remove defunt files.. This is where my problem lies I feel.

Yeah tried system restore, and same thing Windows XP freezes, seems there is activity on the pc, but I left this activity for over five hours, with no further action.

  johnnyrocker 10:03 31 Aug 2005

when it is in this state can you bring up the task manager to see what if anything is running?


  Funkey 10:12 31 Aug 2005

I realise that you say it freezes on startup...but can you give a little more detail?

At what point does it freeze? e.g. does it freeze at the Windows XP "splash screen"? or when you click login? do you get to see your desktop background? do you get to see the start button and icons before it freezes?

  noddy 10:12 31 Aug 2005

Sadly no functionality whatsoever, just logo on screen.

As I mentioned I have done all I can think of ?

  noddy 10:17 31 Aug 2005

Hi John..

Runs through conventional startup procedure etc, and you when Windows XP flashes up before login window, well it doesn't proceed to login window, it just stays on WINDOWS XP Login splash page (Blue)

Anymore ?

  noddy 11:33 31 Aug 2005

Hi Johnny..

Just wondered if you had anymore thoughts ?


  PC Bilbo 14:42 31 Aug 2005

Have you tried to go into Safe Mode on start up?

If so, perhaps try START> RUN and by type in"msconfig" without the quotes and disable all programmes in Start Up and see if it will then boot normally. If so, reintroduce start up prog's one by one until you find errant programme.

  noddy 14:56 31 Aug 2005

Thanks for your response, I have tried last safe config, safe mode, restore point, but still cannot get further than XP Logo which freezes.

Is there anyway I can address this issue in dos, as all other methods are failing me ?

Pleased to hear

Meantime thanks for your time

  tbinfield 12:07 30 Jun 2006

im having exactly the same problem! its driving me insane. it just stops at that blue xp screen before logging on. booting in safe mode brings me to the same place, and last known configuration doesnt work either. i dont really want to lose all my files so any help would be much appreciated.

just a thought noddy, did you recently perform a windows update before? windows update had just occured on my machine and now this is what has happened!!!


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