Windows XP Freezes at Shutdown

  MuDelta 14:18 29 Sep 2008

This problem started a few weeks ago and in spite of looking at the various websites and help forums I have not been able to find advice with which to correct this tiresome problem. From what I have read it is a problem with a long and painful history.

When I click the shut down button one of three things happen. Beginning with the commonest, and they are: --
1 The shutdown screen says “logging off; saving your settings” and freezes on ” Windows is now shutting down”. I then the shut down the machine by holding in the power button for four or five seconds.
2 On clicking “ turn off the computer" the system freezes with the hourglass symbol displayed. When I press the power button for about a second the screen then the shows “logging off; saving your settings” but freezes on “Windows is now shutting down” and I have to shut down by holding the power button in for a further four or five seconds.
3 The computer shuts down normally. This is very much the least common occurrence and mainly seems to happen directly after I have started the machine up and not used it to look at any programmes such as e-mails or websites.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Halmer 14:21 29 Sep 2008

do you have?

  MuDelta 15:03 29 Sep 2008

Hello Halmer

Avast & AVG 7.5

  Halmer 15:17 29 Sep 2008


As far as I know the two that you have listed are both anti-virus software and neither is a firewall.

I will check and post back but if I am right you need to at least get rid of one of these regardless of your shutdown problem.

I asked about your firewall type because the very latest version of Zone Alarm is causing shut down problems for some XP users.

  MuDelta 15:19 29 Sep 2008

Hello Halmer,

I think it must be the gin! They are antivirus programs of course, my firewall is ZoneAlarm!

  Halmer 15:23 29 Sep 2008

The version that has been causing problems is but I doubt you've got that yet.

Worth checking though by double clicking on the icon in the bottom rhc then Overview/product Information and look at 'version type'.

  Halmer 15:26 29 Sep 2008

click here but you'll have to be patient!

  MuDelta 15:29 29 Sep 2008

Hello again Halmer

Yes, I had the ZoneAlarm problem -- I could not connect to the web but overcame the problem by downloading a patch from ZoneAlarm and since then there has been no problem in that direction. Perhaps I should uninstall it -- what do you think?

  Halmer 15:36 29 Sep 2008

You could try it to be sure but I don't think that it is ZA. May be worth it just to eliminate it though.

I would:-

1. Download the latest version that works with XP click here and save the file (don't install it yet).

2. Uninstall ZA via control panel.

3. Turn the PC off

4. Turn the PC on

5. Turn the PC off again to see if it is cured.

If it isn't you will need to boot your PC back up and reinstall the file that you saved at 1 above to give you firewall protection.

As I have said I don't think it will be your ZA as the update you are referring to was a different issue.


  MuDelta 16:03 29 Sep 2008

Hi Halmer

My ZA is 7.0.483.000 - the one to which you pointed me.

  Halmer 16:16 29 Sep 2008

is fine and not causing your problem sorry.

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