Windows XP Free Anti Virus

  spag001 20:18 04 Aug 2011

Can somebody please advise of a good free anti virus and malware download for Windows XP Media (32 bir) which will not in the process of downloading kill my PC. I have had some trouble with this lately?

  rdave13 20:25 04 Aug 2011

What previous antivirus did you have and did you use a removal tool?

  spag001 20:28 04 Aug 2011

I used a download from PC Tools called Spyware Doctor with Anti Virus which I paid for. After having installed it, my PC froze. My local computer shop removed it from the PC and this freed everything up? I have not a problem with them for the last 4 years and do not want to use them again for fear of the same thinh happening?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:30 04 Aug 2011

Avast here anti virus also contains anti malware

Back it up with SpywareBlaster Here as a blocker

MAlwareButes here scan weekly as a backup to check the others

However the best is common sense where your browsering and not clicking on links on site or e-mails unless your sure they are safe :0)

  Aitchbee 09:35 05 Aug 2011

FruitBat - I am pleased to say I am on the same prescription on my xp computer. Very reassuring. HB

  ashleycardwell94 12:01 06 Aug 2011

this may sound stupid, but i was working on a company pc, they had AVG installed, spybot S&D and McAfee something, norton internet security. not all running at the same time, put they were all used weekly for a scan. none of them picked up anything. i put on MSE ( MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS ) it found 5 viruses. Spybot or anything else wasnt the wiser.

Also, MSE is very light on a pc, i have it running on a netbook, no performance difference, 1.6ghz and 512mb ram.

  Ex plorer 11:47 07 Aug 2011

WOT is good click here and sorts out dodgy sites. It may at times show a site as bad when in fact its good, but over all I find it reassuring.

  Strawballs 12:38 07 Aug 2011

I have MS Security Essentials on this 7yr old PC running XP Pro SP3 I have found it very good.

  birdface 13:24 07 Aug 2011

I had MSE on my Daughters computer and it kept coming up with Trojan warnings.

Found out it was because I had Automatic update switched off and I had unticked do not show warnings on Taskbar.

And because MSE was showing them as Trojans in quarantine Malwarebytes also picked it up as well But shows it as Microsoft updates switched of in quarantine.

I would put MSE in the bottom half of good anti virus programs, but as long as you have a really good Anti Malware program downloaded it should not matter.

I would however think of using the Pro Version of Malwarebytes as it is a one off payment unlike some of the others.

You get a fortnights free trial of the Pro version of MalwareBytes now so worth a try to see how you like it.

It reverts to the free version after the fortnight.

  john bunyan 15:22 07 Aug 2011

I use Avira (free anti virus), PC Tools free fiewall, Superantispyware (SAS) and Malawarebytes(MBAM) as anti malware and Spywareblaster to try to block malware.The new SASsems very good and finds tracking cookies missed by MBAM

  Mike_tech 08:11 08 Aug 2011

I also use Avira free edition, easy to use and reliable antivirus software.

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