Windows XP forcing 8-bit colour depth

  [DELETED] 00:07 16 Oct 2003

I have a number of programs that I wrote myself, In Gupta SQl Windows, originally for a Windows 95 environment, which display .jpg files and for best results really need to be run in at least 16-bit colour. Under Windows 98 these applications continued to work perfectly. Under Windows XP, there is a problem, as for some reason Windows XP feels it has to run them in 8-bit colour mode, and so changes the colour depth on entry from my usual High Colour 16-bit setting, restoring it on exit. As a result the displayed .jpgs look awful. Although I can change the colour mode back manually to 16-bit while the programs are running, the programs continue to display in 8-bit colour. Note that it makes no different whether or not I use the Windows XP ‘compatibility options’ accessible by right-clicking on the executable. Would be most grateful for any ideas how to get round this.

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