Windows XP Firewall...V....Other Firewall?

  rods 22:59 10 Dec 2005

Hi All,

Not exactly a match for Audley V Williams (crap fight)!

Just wondering if Windows XP Firewall is the best option to take or is it better to have another firewall..i.e....Norton or other firewalls that are free...i.e Zonealarm...are there any advantages/disadvantages.

I could ask the same about Virus (avg antirvirus) etc or..Norton)?

Thanks for any advice...


  SG Atlantis® 23:07 10 Dec 2005

AVG beats crappy norton hands down.

windows firewall only stops inward not outward connections. Zone Alarm is much better.

You can only run one software firewall at once.

  VoG II 23:07 10 Dec 2005

Firewall - Zone Alarm click here and disable Windows firewall.

Anti-virus - AVG click here

  ade.h 23:10 10 Dec 2005

Given that the Windows firewall has no means to stop outbound connections (such as malware phoning home or doing a nice bit of auto-downloading) I'd say that it's a non-starter really. Well worth the ten minutes that it'll take to put something free but decent on your PC and configure it as required.

  rods 23:11 10 Dec 2005

Thanks for the advice SG Atlantis and VoG, i think il download AVG & Zone Alarm, as i use them at work but on my home comp i use noron anti virus and firewall that i got free with my comp, but now its expired and keeps asking to pay to upgrade.


  Stuartli 23:45 10 Dec 2005

ZoneAlarm and there's also Avast! as an AV apart from VoG's suggestion of AVG - the beauty of it is that it updates itself when you go online if it is necessary and provides visual and aural confirmation.

  Mytob 23:58 10 Dec 2005

if you want a firewall get sygate presonal pro. thats one of the best on the market at the moment. as for norton well it is ok for ppl who dont no any better or if you can by it for a tenner like me :) . dont beleve what they say in pc world btw they work on a performance based pay scale so ofcore ther gona flog u norton as thats all they sell! id contimplate getting a hardawre firewall if i were you as iv found mine worth its weight in gold. it seems to put off most hackers who just want a easy target but may i just say this will not mean you dont nead a software one too! my advice is get a hardware software cobo for best results. a netgear like mine is only 60 from pc world and check out you local pc fair for both the hardware and software ones youd be suprised on the savings you can get! o and for the windows firewall well lets just say its going to be about as usless as a choclate fire guard. just consider the no of ppl using windows. all the flaws were bound to be found ages ago.

  rods 00:34 11 Dec 2005

cheers stuart and cheers Mytob..intresting comments there that have been good advice.


  Stuartli 12:07 11 Dec 2005

>>for the windows firewall well lets just say its going to be about as usless as a choclate fire guard.>>

That's over the top and nonsense.

The main purpose of the Windows firewall (along with SP2) was largely to bring some basic level of security measures to systems used by those who couldn't - or wouldn't - take up the issue properly.

The Windows firewall serves its duties in that respect and it's certainly better than no firewall at all.

You also advise getting a "hardware firewall combo" from PC Word and, in the next breath, claiming how much cheaper such products are at computer fairs...:-)

It's suggestions based on genuine experiences that are required in the forums rather than personal dogma.

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