Windows XP File Permissions

  The Geek 17:52 13 Feb 2004


I have a friend who's home PC recently fell to a virus and had to be formatted off. Luckily he had all his work backed up on another hard disk. The problem is that he enabled the Windows XP encryption in advanced file attributes and now because his user ID has changed after the reinstall we cant remove the encryption to allow him to open the files. 90% of it is company data so he really needs it restoring. I tried giving the group "Everyone" full permissions of the files and folder but it still wont let me unencrypt it. Any ideas?

  spikeychris 18:02 13 Feb 2004

Sorry but taking ownership will not help, Without a backup of the original Encryption Certificate Key, the files are unrecoverable as they will stay encrypted forever. There is no recovery
method since the encryption algorithm is now completely different with a
reinstall of Windows XP.

Some third party saftware claim to fix the problem.

  The Geek 18:04 13 Feb 2004

Could you be a bit more specific than 'Third Party' ?

  spikeychris 18:13 13 Feb 2004

Love to but the one I heard about has gone, I'll have a look around though. Is there any chance that the user might of copy of the encryption key? have they exported it at any time?

Is he on a domain?

  The Geek 18:14 13 Feb 2004

It was a standalone machine and I am sure he didnt have a clue what he was doing when he set it.

  spikeychris 18:16 13 Feb 2004

Might as well just say how I *think* it really is....unless there was a copy of the key and/or hes' on a domain the files are gone..sounds silly these days with all the software out there but the encryption of XP files is a no going back situ....unless someone knows different.

Big money will always recover..are the files worth it

  The Geek 18:17 13 Feb 2004

Well, its a database of all his customers and various spreadsheets of his accounts for last year so its quite important.

  The Geek 18:23 13 Feb 2004

Out of interest, what was the program called that you were going to suggest?

  The Geek 18:24 13 Feb 2004

click here I might try it

  spikeychris 18:29 13 Feb 2004

Sgonna cost though. Unregistered version can be used during 30 days after installation and has some limitations.

Also read this from their "Read Me"
"- The program can decrypt protected files only if encryption keys (at
least, some of them) are still exist in the system and have not been

  The Geek 18:30 13 Feb 2004

I know I tried and the files are greyed out.

He really needs these files, I cant just delete and forget them...well I cant even delete them!

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