Windows XP feature: user comment

  PC Advisor. 11:14 14 Mar 2003

Hi folks,

Sorry to post in here. I know that we, of all people, should respect the sanctity of the Helproom - a forum devoted purely resolving PC-related queries.

But we're urgently in need of user comment for a feature we're putting together on the pros and cons of the Remote Assistance features in Windows XP. We'd be interested in hearing from users both at the giving and the receiving end of RA.

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Thanks a million everyone and have a wonderful weekend.

  PC Advisor. 12:00 14 Mar 2003


  €dstow 12:03 14 Mar 2003

I think the poor response here and in ConsumerWatch illustrates the lack of enthusiasm for this facility.


  dawnyworld 12:22 14 Mar 2003

havent used remote assistant but did try to use online support and was told because it was an oem copy i had to contact pc vendor , but as i built the pc myself this isnt very helpful not happy after paying £130

  graham 12:29 14 Mar 2003

I have experienced my company's laptop being 'taken over' by their helpdesk, fascinating to watch. So it's useful in those circumstances, but my ISP helpdesk won't use it as they fear being liable for any damage caused.

  Andÿ 12:38 14 Mar 2003

I have never used it although on some occasions I suppose I could have.

I would rather (even if it means travelling) have the PC in front of me where you can see/hear/feel the hardware as well as accessing Windows XP.

I also feel people are wary of letting others access their PC and have visions of you routing around unnecessarily and in effect 'hacking' them. I don't think PC users are very trusting as a whole (especially where Windows is involved).

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