Windows XP 'F4 button' activate?

  Silly Me 13:40 02 Jan 2004

When I press F4 in Windows 2000 (at work)it repeats my last action. I am working from home in a Word document created in windows 2000 but now working in Windows XP and the F4 button doesn't respond as a repreat last function option. I have tried updating this command in my toolbox but have got nowhere - any ideas - this will greatly speed up my work.

  LeadingMNMs 15:29 02 Jan 2004

What office version were and are you using ?

  Silly Me 16:23 02 Jan 2004

I thought it was Office 2000 at work and Office XP. If this is nonsense how do I find out which office version I am using now? I have looked at the shortcut commands and it shows Shift F4 as the find/repeat function but it only does a find function.

  anchor 16:31 02 Jan 2004

To find out the version of Word that you are using; open a document, then click Help, select "about Microsoft Office Word", and you will see the version displayed.

I have Word 2003, and when I press F4, it repeats my last action.

  Silly Me 17:06 02 Jan 2004

It is Office 2002. The F4 button repeats my last action only if it is a 'typed' action. What I am doing is adjusting the font height in a table with several columns. Normally I can use F4 to repeat this function but all it does is remember my last 'copy' function. This is slowing me down considerably. Thanks for any help you give.

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