Windows XP drive name allocation.

  ben.patton 08:24 17 Feb 2004

I replaced the hard disk on my ageing PC yesterday. After running through the XP setup I partitioned the disk (80GB) into a main 40GB partition and two 20 & 18 GB. Setup named these partitions C, D & E respectively.

On final installation of operating system XP had named these drives F, G & H respectively as I have CDRW, DVD rom and ZIP drive attached. These were named D, E, & C respectively.

I have managed to disable the CDRW, DVD and ZIP and rename the F & G partitions to D & E, however windows will not let me re-allocate the F drive to ‘C’ as it is the system partition. Can I make this system partition the ‘C’ drive without re-installing XP (Home)?

  User-312386 08:35 17 Feb 2004

go to start>control panel>performance and maintenance>Administrative Tools, then double click computer management and then single click on disk management

you will now see all drives, right click the drive you want to re-allocate and select change drive letters and paths

remember to change the peripherals 1st to j,k,l. restart the computer and the HDD's will have re-allocated themselves

  ben.patton 08:50 17 Feb 2004


I’ll give it a go this evening. I manually re-allocated the two smaller partitions through the same app, however I did not let XP do it itself by re-booting. Problem arose when I tried to manually re-allocate the system partition which it would not allow.


  BigMoFoT 09:52 17 Feb 2004

Dont think you'll be able to rename the C drive at all......

  ben.patton 12:53 17 Feb 2004

Just tried the above with no joy. Any other ideas?

  User-312386 22:19 17 Feb 2004

what drives did you endeavour to rename?

  temp003 03:23 18 Feb 2004

This is very strange. First time I've seen the drive letter C assigned by Windows itself to a Zip drive. C is usually assigned to the active bootable partition (which XP calls the system partition).

I'm not sure it can be changed by Windows itself, because as you said, it usually doesn't allow you to change the drive letter of the system partition.

Try the link click here

Not the same situation, but the trick seems to be that you need to insert a zip disk into the drive, before attempting to change drive letters. If you succeed in changing Zip drive to another letter, then assign C to the XP partition.

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