Windows XP DOS

  geedad 21:02 11 Mar 2004

Should have asked this on previous query. Does XP come with DOS built in, as Windows 98?

  steven_frost 21:06 11 Mar 2004

depends how you mean it does sort of but not like windows 98 were ou can boot into DOS windows XP does not have that option

  User-312386 21:11 11 Mar 2004

windows xp has dos

go to start>run and then type cmd

  geedad 21:33 11 Mar 2004

Sorry and thanks, madboy33,
I haven't got it yet!
See Forum title 'Windows XP'
Also, thanks Steven_Frost

  woodchip 21:58 11 Mar 2004

XP does not Have DOS, it as a Virtual DOS.

  woodchip 21:58 11 Mar 2004

Or should I say DOS emulation

  billyliv 22:12 11 Mar 2004

Hi, Woodchip is correct, From XP onwards the old DOS as we know it will be consigned to the museum. cheers, Bill

  geedad 22:59 11 Mar 2004

billyliv and woodchip. Thanks!
Query answered.

  jhd 01:19 14 Mar 2004

If I buy a new computer it is likely to have
Win. XP installed on it. My present PC has Win. 98SE and my favourite word processing program is WordPerfect 5.1 which runs successfully on 98.
As 98 is DOS based and WP 5.1 is largely a DOS program would WP 5.1 run successfully in Win XP?
If not directly, can it be made to do so?


  woodchip 18:34 14 Mar 2004

Sometimes it can but you need to start a new thread with your question

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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