Windows XP Dialup keeps corrupting password saved

  meto 19:52 11 Jul 2004

I have 2 computers running XP both keep on corrupting the saved password in dialup settings

  Lionheart ? 19:58 11 Jul 2004

Do you mean adding extra xxxxx to password, if so that is what xp does, its an encryption as far as I know.

  steven_frost 19:59 11 Jul 2004

If you mean it shows more ***** than thier is on the real password it's not XP hides your real password and shows more to stop people from guessing what it is

  gudgulf 21:14 11 Jul 2004

This used to happen to me quite frequently when I used Tiscali as my ISP.The log on would fail and I would get a message that my log on details were incorrect and to check my password etc.

Changed to Virgin about a year ago and it has not happened since!.

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