windows xp dial up connection problem

  Les50 13:03 02 Apr 2003

i am waiting for freeserve to set up broadband i have installed all the software etc no problem.
i had to run setup and repair some damaged files
which seemed to go ok . Here is the question i need to set up a dial up connection to use freeserve anytime until Broadband arrives within 10 days, but when i try and creat a new connection the dial up is greyed out and the radio dot is against broadband only. i have reinstalled both freeserve and all the broadband software again but it's still greyed out.
Any ideas please

  graham 13:06 02 Apr 2003

Un-instal broadband until you get it, I think the broadband program may be over-riding your dial-up option.

  Stalker 13:21 02 Apr 2003

click here

I think this is the fix you want, no idea why it happens, had it happen ona couple of new systems with no software installed in the past!


  Les50 13:52 02 Apr 2003

uninstalled all freeseve broadband software and modem still grey out

performed both registry hacks still greyed out

any more suggestions

  Stalker 14:39 02 Apr 2003

has it ever worked?


  Les50 15:20 02 Apr 2003

yes i created the freeserve anytime connection manually with no problems and used it for months.

It worked ok even with the Broadband software etc installed.

i have even restored the old settings before the repair of xp with no joy.

i think probably a format and clean reinstall could be the only answer, but thats a bit drastic dont you think

any more suggestions?

  Les50 16:41 02 Apr 2003

success i installed sp1 and bingo the old connection appear and worked without any tweaking

thank you

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