windows xp default settings

  Smokeyone 06:50 11 Dec 2004

I hope I am not too long winded with this problem but here goes. I have had a new pc with win xp about a week. Only played with it so far and saved a few pages of letters. Then tried to add e-mail accounts and found some key strokes did not match
the keys. Went to control panel and changed language settings - all's well. Used the pc a few more times - everything fine.
Then used pc again and everything has gone back to before I changed settings and wiped out my letters.
Control panel again and changed settings again.
Everything okay and my saved letters have returned.
Any ideas please.

  Dorsai 13:23 11 Dec 2004

If an XP users account becomes corupted Xp is unable to save the changes you make to it when you sign off/turn off. Hence when you log back on, the accound reverts back to the how it was, and any changes made have been lost.

If you open the windows task manager (ctrl + alt + del) and select the 'Users' tab, hopefully the user you are signed in as will be listed. if the status is given as 'temporary', this users is being treated by Xp as a 'temporory' user, and any changes this user makes to the account settings will not (or perhaps *can not*) be saved when the users logs off. Ideal for an internet café, when the user's changes will not effect the next customer, but a bit of a pain for the PC owner.

How to fix the problem i am not sure. It happened to me, and i had to re-install XP.

perhaps open the 'run' command and type in 'SFC /scannow' (note the space before the /) and have your XP disk handy in case it is asked for.

Hope this helps.

  Smokeyone 14:23 11 Dec 2004

Thanks for the suggestions. I see it's not just me that this happens to..........


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