Windows XP crashing need help

  Sturmey 20:01 05 Nov 2004

I've got a really annoying problem in that intermittently Windows XP just freezes up CTRL-ALT-DEL does nothing none of the keys work and the mouse freezes also, all I can do to get out of it is to hold in the power button on my PC for a few seconds until it switches itself off then I have to re boot. I've been using XP since it came out and have never had a problem with crashes it's taking me back to Windows 98 days this is not good btw. I'm thinking about doing a re-install but as I have my PC setup just the way I like it and having to re-install all my programs and configurations is a bit daunting. I I have un-installed all the programs I can think of before the crashes started and I roll back my sound and video card drivers. Unfortunately I cant do a system restore as I disabled system restore.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:09 05 Nov 2004

Try a repair.

Boot from the XP CD (alter 1st boot device in BIOS if necess)

enter setup as if you are going to reinstall XP but select R to repair.

  cdb 20:11 05 Nov 2004

If you know it's going to do it, maybe put up task manager with the processes on view so you can see if anything is hogging the cpu performance.
Failing that, did it start after you did anything in particular, like installed something, updated something etc?
Do you get the Blue screen? Have you left it for a long time to see if it unfreezes?
A PC engineer told me it was not a good idead to do a cold boot (if that's what you call it, holding the power button down for 4secs) and it was better to use the little reset button instead.

  Sturmey 20:12 05 Nov 2004

Thanks, will try a repair, fingers crossed.

  Sturmey 20:20 05 Nov 2004

No I didn't get the blue screen, PC just froze on the desktop, I dont have a reset switch on my PC just one power button. To be honest I haven't waited that long too see if it un-freezes as I cant open task manager due to the keyboard freezes and the the mouse, I just figure best option is to re-boot. probably be a good idea top leave it see if anything happens.

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