windows XP computer suddenly runs very slow?

  Les53 22:27 02 Feb 2006

My computer had suddenly began to run slow. I have checked for viruses using PC Cillin, Ad-aware and Microsoft anti spyware.

It seems as if the processor is 100% in use , but what could take all that power?

Any hints on what to check?

  Softstag 22:34 02 Feb 2006

Press <ctrl>+<alt>+<del> click on the Processes tab and see what is listed there that is using a significant proportion of the CPU. If your PC isn't doing anything then the System Idle should be greater than 95%. If something else, then post the name of it and we may be able to help.

  Les53 22:56 02 Feb 2006

well that was a surprise for some reason i have no tabs just a plain empty square . Where have the tabs gone , can i get to that tab another way?

  woodchip 22:57 02 Feb 2006

Don't get 100% wrong if it says Idle then it's not using CPU

  Les53 23:00 02 Feb 2006

i ran sfc/scannow to check system files would that have sorted out the missing tabs?

  Kev.Ifty 23:03 02 Feb 2006

With the Task Manager open..

Put you mouse cursor on the outside edge of the Task Manger window and do a 'quick' double click.

That should restore the Tabs.

Cheers Kev.

  woodchip 23:04 02 Feb 2006

With Task Manager, just double click top edge

  Les53 23:14 02 Feb 2006

If i hold the mouse over the icon on the taskbar it states cpu usage 100%

  Les53 23:19 02 Feb 2006

spoolsv.exe shows 98 under system for cpu, should i stop this

  woodchip 23:21 02 Feb 2006

Thats for printer

  Les53 23:22 02 Feb 2006

How do i get out of the processes with no tabs?

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