SolvaCollective 11:01 14 Jan 2004


Im working on a machine which runs on Windows XP.

The computer isnt runnung well, (Crashes randomly, freezes, slow, ignores requests etc) I have virused it, (clear) defraged and still no luck. I have concluded the best thing is to wipe the system and re-install the os. However the system didnt come with an XP disk just with the OS already on the machine. How do I go about wiping the system. I have Windows 2000 but Obviously I cannt put say Windows ME or 2000 because XP want accept it.


  Djohn 11:06 14 Jan 2004

Did you not get a "Restore disk"? This will allow you to access the hidden part ion of the hard drive and re-install XP from there.

  SolvaCollective 11:15 14 Jan 2004


No the person whose computer it is has pretty much lost every thing that came with it.

  tenplus1 11:28 14 Jan 2004

If your mate has lost the license then you have to buy an original copy of XP if you want to do a full/clean install...

Other than that, you could always try a good Registry tool and clean-up that side of your system... This usually helps weed out the garbage and speed-up everything as well...

Just on the off-chance it's down to Spyware, get hold of Search & Destroy 1.2 and run a scan with that also... Spyware REALLY slows your system up too...

  silliw 13:45 14 Jan 2004

Make sure that the windows files including the CAB files are not already on the hard drive. I recall a helpdesk article in PCA magazine this month which gave instruction on how to re-install using the installed cabs.

  SolvaCollective 20:16 14 Jan 2004

Thanks for the advice.
Any ideas which registery tool to use and how to utilize it. Also where to get search and destroy 1.2

Is the instructions on reinstalling XP using the installed CAB files in the current issue?


  VoG II 20:18 14 Jan 2004

Spybot Search & Destroy click here

  VoG II 20:19 14 Jan 2004

RegscrubXP click here

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