Windows XP chioce at boot up

  Simon258 13:35 03 Nov 2004

Since recovering my system using the Recovery Console, my system now starts up oddly. As soon as I boot up, a screen appears asking which of two copies of Microsoft Windows XP Professional I want to boot. It give me 30 seconds to decide. The top one boots up windows as normal, but the bottom one does nothing. How do I get rid of this options page and the reference to the second copy of XP Pro?

  Chris..b 13:47 03 Nov 2004

Go into the control panel and select system.

Once this opans click the advance tab and go to the startup and recovery settings.

From there you will be able to set the amount of time you allow for selecting the operating system.

The time you need to change is called time to display list of operating systems change to about 10 second to make sure that if you need to change again you can select the other operating system.

Pleas note my computer is set to 3 second to display the list and 30 to display recovery options when needed.

If you find the menu you will understand all of the above

Hope this helps

  Simon258 11:13 05 Nov 2004

Thanks Chris..b. I'd never been into that Advanced tab before. I've set mine to 5 seconds now.

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