windows xp cd writing wizard

  User-C807852E-5925-4E7A-AF2AFBFBA84AB929 10:39 26 Aug 2003

when copying files to cd the process starts then part way through the writing wizard stops and informs me it has stopped the process as there is somethink wrong with the blank cd. In the past i have copied thousands of files and this has not happenned before. I have bought new blank cd-rws and tried them all with the same result. What is happening.

  mimo 19:45 26 Aug 2003

hello broz....i had a similar problem with the writing wasnt happening all the time but when it failed to record i naturally lost the disc.i tried cleaning the lens different discs but still the same .that was until i bought nero 5.since i installed this software i have not experenced any problems with recording date ,music etc etc.writing wizard is a poor piece of software(in my opinion).i hope this is of use.cheers mimo

thanks for the help.It seems to have solved the problem. Broz

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