windows XP cd rom

  trying 14:31 06 Aug 2003

After adding new software to computer, at least once a week a window appears asking me to insert the windows xp cd rom immediately. Everything seems to work OK till the following week?
I have norton 2003 installed.

  rawprawn 15:49 06 Aug 2003

Is Norton the software you say you added ? There have been a lot of probs caused by Norton. If it is I suggest you try Norton support. I got rid of all my Symantic software because of problems with it & their lack of support.I don't know Norton 2003 but just a thought is it scheduled to update weekly ? could that be the problem ?

  trying 15:46 07 Aug 2003

Should I disable norton 2003 before addind new programs?

  I. T. Mastermind 16:03 07 Aug 2003

What Norton software do you have?

  rawprawn 16:07 07 Aug 2003

You could try disabling Norton before loading new software & see if it makes a difference. It can't hurt anyway. Did you look at the schedule?

  Jester2K II 16:11 07 Aug 2003

What was the software you added "After adding new software to computer..."

Was it after you installed Norton 2003 or something else?

  Rayuk 18:07 07 Aug 2003

If you mean anti virus then yes you should always disable it before installing any new software.

  trying 15:28 08 Aug 2003

Norton 2003 antivirus, was installed before- microsoft publisher, office xp, photoshop 07,and winzip, I am almost sure norton was not disabled!!!
Will it be OK to uninstal these programs then disable norton, then reinstall programs.
Alternitavely If I use system restore can I go back 30 days, and will that erase all new software programs since that date? then reinstal/

  Jester2K II 15:41 08 Aug 2003

Hang on. Don't we need to find out why you are being asked for the Windows XP CD ROM???

There a lot of conjecture (hope thats the right word!!) about what if i do this, try that..

What does the Windows Look like? Exact wording please!

When does it happen?

What happens when the CD is put in the drive? Any messages before, during and after this Windows appears...

  trying 15:58 08 Aug 2003

Can't remember what the window says. I panick!, then do as it says I insert the cd rom,let it run, restart, switch off, wait 10minutes and hope it turns on again.

Oh I don't know if this helps any of you --the task bar at the bottom of desktop has turned white, before the window pops up, so I presume Windows can't load???

  Jester2K II 16:01 08 Aug 2003

You'll need to wait for the next time and make notes.

Its too easy for people to say "do this, do that, try this, try that..." but as yet there is nothing concrete to go on to give us any indication of whats wrong.

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