Windows XP -Buy it now or wait for SP2 CD bundle ?

  Tinkey Winkey 18:57 10 Aug 2004

I'm ready to get Windows XP for a sytem rebuild/upgrade but am wondering if I should wait a few weeks in order to get SP2 bundled with the Original CD ?

I don't really want to download the 250MB (or however big it is )as I'm on dial-up.

Alternatively if I order the OS now will SP2 be included on the CD cover mounts of PC mags?

I thought I read somewhere that microsoft had stopped allowing updates to be distributed via PC mag CDs ?

  phoenix198 19:54 10 Aug 2004

Downloaded it last night. PM me if you would like a copy on CD-R.

  GORAL 19:59 10 Aug 2004

The latest I have read about it is that for dial-up users, M/Soft will offer to post you the SP2, including free postage! Much the same way they provided SP1 for XP, except that anyone could order a free CD for that one. It was also said, speculatively, that, yes, magazines may be given the right to put it onto their cover CDs.

It seems most likely you will be able to get it without the bind and cost of using dial-up, particularly as I gather it will be a very large download.

If I were you I would ignore the problem for now and go out and buy XP. It may be a little while after SP2 is released that it is incorporated into XP discs on sale, or provided by OEMs.

  GORAL 20:05 10 Aug 2004

Isn't what is on offer at the moment only in Beta?

Also, as an afterthought to previous post - M/Soft's plans for the release of SP2 have already 'slipped' and there is not at present a definite date set for the release.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:08 10 Aug 2004

Nobody has expired, been pointed out as 'Mr Old-fashioned' in the street or been taken by Aliens because they have not got SP2. We seem to have managed OK so far and if you want to get XP, learn about it and await the CD update.


  Tinkey Winkey 20:23 10 Aug 2004

Thanks everyone.

Will order it now !

Thank goodness for PCA !

  byfordr 22:40 10 Aug 2004

click here sp1 order link haven't found one for sp2 yet


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