Windows XP and BT Infinity

  Baz P 22:32 27 May 2015

I am entirely unable to connect to BT Infinity from Windows XP Professional. They worked together since BT Infinity came out and I'm not sure when they stopped communicating as I almost exclusively use Linux Operating systems (my favourite currently being Mint 17.1 with which I have absolutely no problems) but I need Windows for updating my SatNav.

To be frank, getting into Windows is a bit of a palaver as well with three out of four attempts failing to even open it.

Windows is on a separate hard drive if that is of any consequence and Linux connects to BT Infinity flawlessly so I don't think Infinity is the problem.

Any assistance you could give to help overcome this problem would be most welcome but please use terms which a layman who's a bit long in the tooth can understand!

Thank you in anticipation of your attention.

  onthelimit1 08:41 28 May 2015

A bit more info - is this wirelessly or with an ethernet cable?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:01 28 May 2015

I agree with OTL - no one can help until you fully describe the symptoms (including any error messages in full).

  Baz P 17:42 28 May 2015

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

Sorry, OTL1, with an Ethernet cable.

As far as error messages are concerned, Secre-Squirrel, it depends with what software I am trying to connect but any web browser; Windows update, etc just won't have anything to do with connecting to the Web. I can't be much more specific without coming out of Linux; trying to fire up Windows; noting the result in whatever you think would give the most information; coming back to Linux and passing it on to you. Would it help if I did?

  Baz P 17:43 28 May 2015

Apologies Secret-Squirrel for misspelling your name.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:04 28 May 2015

Thanks anyway Baz. Here are a couple of guesses which cover the most common causes:

1) Go to Control Panel -> Network Connections. There should be an icon there for "Local Area Connection" so right-click it -> Properties -> Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" -> "Properties" button. Make sure both sections are set to obtain addresses automatically. If you make any changes then wait a few seconds after clicking the OK buttons then try the Internet again.

2) Go to Control Panel -> System -> "Hardware" tab -> "Device Manager" button. Scroll down to the "Network adapters" section and expand it. Do you see your Ethernet adapter there? If it's showing any errors then double-click on it and post the error message/code here and wait for further instructions. Also see if there's anything in the "Other Devices" section as it may be hiding there. Note that "Other Devices" won't be there if all devices are working normally.

  Baz P 15:58 29 May 2015

Secret-Squirrel, I've done as you suggested.

As far as 1) is concerned there is no icon for Local Area Connection when I open "Network Connections" (unless it's hidden somewhere).

When following your instructions for 2) "Network Adapters" shows a yellow symbol against "NVIDIAn FORCE 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet". A little more "digging" reveals "This device cannot start (Code 10)" and under "Properties-Advanced-Network Address-Value" "Not Present" is highlighted if this helps.

I apologise for my apparent tardiness in getting back to you but I have to close Mint to start Windows, see what's going on, close Windows and return to Mint to respond. I also have other things I need to be getting on with in Mint as I'm the Secretary and Membership Secretary of my local branch of the Campaign for Real Ale which also involves going down the pub occasionally (about five o'clock tonight) and tomorrow I shall be visiting a city about seventy miles away for a day of sampling the beers in a few pubs so please don't think I'm ignoring you!

Thanks again for your help.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 29 May 2015

you need to load the xp drivers for the network card

do you know the make and model of card?

  Secret-Squirrel 17:37 29 May 2015

Thanks for the helpful info Baz.

The reason you can't get an Internet connection is because there's a problem with the network adapter. "Code 10" is a bit vague as it can be caused by all sorts of things. The easiest potential solution is to highlight the Ethernet adapter in Device Manager, right-click it and choose "Uninstall". Restart XP and it should reload the drivers and hopefully they'll work.

The other option is to download the latest version for your "NVIDIAn FORCE 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet" adapter from your PC or motherboard manufacturer's website. You'll obviously need to do the downloading via Linux and save them to a USB pen drive or something.

Here's the Microsoft webpage for your "This device cannot start (Code 10)" problem. However, you won't be able to complete some of the suggestions because you don't have an Internet connection in XP and some of the automated troubleshooters don't work with XP.

It might be a lot less faff to install a really cheap USB wireless adapter like this one. Because of its tiny size its range isn't that great but should work fine if your Homehub is in the same or next room as your PC. Note that it doesn't qualify for Amazon free delivery so choose one of the (highly rated) third-party suppliers on that page instead.

Good luck and let me know how you get on please.

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