Windows XP and Broadband

  morgueman 12:14 27 Dec 2004

Hello all! Just got a new pc with Windows XP. I have got separate log-ins for me, wife and two kids! Installed BT Yahoo Broadband which works fine. The only problem is we can only connect to the internet if we are logged into my page. If i log of and say, log on to my wifes page, click on the broadband icon, it comes up with other user and i have type in the whole name and password but then says it hasent worked!
Is there anyway of getting the broadband for each person to work on their own logged in page? I would really like some help with this!!

thanks, pieman

  Dorsai 12:36 27 Dec 2004

On my system if i right click on the 'connection' shortcut icon on the desktop, and pick properties, then pick the 'shortcut' tab, then the advanced button, i have a check-box 'run with different credentials'. Log in as each user and make sure this box is not ticked. I hope this will do the trick.

  morgueman 20:02 27 Dec 2004

Hello Dorsai, tried what you suggested, but the boxes were already unticked! still didnt work, thanks for helping though


  Jackcoms 21:19 27 Dec 2004

Right click on the broadband icon and make a note of its path. Its ultimate path will probably be somewhere within one of your own files.

Navigate to the file and move it to
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Start Up

  morgueman 22:01 27 Dec 2004

Thanks Jackcoms, but i'm not sure what the path is or how i would navigate to that file or how i would move it!! Still havent reached novice level with computers!!

  ACOLYTE 22:08 27 Dec 2004

I think you have to put the file/shortcut you wont to share in to your shared program folder so every one who use pc can use the program,the easiest thing would be for you and your wife to both have admin accounts and set the kids up with limited accounts and put the shared file in the shared folder of both you and you wife.

  morgueman 22:17 27 Dec 2004

Thanks Acolyte, think i have changed the kids to limited accounts and mine and the wifes to computer administators. But how do you put the shared file, where ever that is, to the shared folder of both of us?

  ACOLYTE 22:36 27 Dec 2004

Find the file and drag it or copy/paste to the shared folder, in my set up its in my computer called shared documents click that and put what you need inside.Each admin will need to log on and do the same with there account.
Another idea but not one i would use ,is to put the shortcut to the connection(BT Yahoo Broadband) in to the start folder that way it will connect whenever pc boots,no matter who logs on,but as i said i wouldnt do this cos it can lead to security issues.

  ACOLYTE 22:39 27 Dec 2004

Another thought did you set up parental controls when you installed BT BB if you did this can only be changed/set up with the main person who set up the account signing in and going to the bt page and selecting My account.

  ACOLYTE 22:45 27 Dec 2004

1 more thought,lol are you using the Bt yahoo browser or Internet explorer to connect?,with the Bt browser you need to log in to connect if you use IE you dont,just right click the IE icon select,properties, connections,and tick always use my default connection,that way when you wont to go online it just dials and connects,without the popup box asking you to sign in.

  morgueman 23:00 27 Dec 2004

Thanks for your help Acolyte. Not sure what file to move to the shared folder! Tried the other one about the IE, but still no joy!! May have to go back to the shop and ask them!!

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