Windows XP backup won't run automatically

  MarkL 14:52 13 Sep 2003

I have two XP Pro machines and can manually run backup from one to the other.

However, when I set an automatic backup to run at night it just doesn't run (this uses XP task scheduler).

Has anyone else had this problem / any suggestions.



  Danoh 03:15 26 Nov 2004

Did you get a Task Scheduler error message;

"An error has occurred while attempting to set task account information.

The specific error is: 0x8007005: Access is denied.

You do not have permission to perform the requested operation."

If so, and you have not set a password for your Admin user account, you need to do so. When you schedule a backup, when you get the "Set Account Information" dialogue box, you need to enter the password in (your user name is automatically filled in for you).

Hope that helps, even if it is some months since you posted your query!!

  Danoh 08:45 26 Nov 2004

P/S This type of subject will probably get better responses if posted in the Helproom rather than in the WebDesign category.

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