Windows XP automatic updates SP3

  BingoBoy 08:25 22 Jul 2010

I have a Dell Dimension 2400 using Windows XP Home SP3 and is set to accept automatic updates. In the past the updates have been processed by my PC on an infrequent basis as expected. However, over the last 3 weeks or more every time I power my PC off it starts running updates with the message 1 of 3 updates.

This does not seem right to me as there surely can't be that many updates to XP. Seems like something is not quite right on my PC. Does anybody have any ideas what might be the issue?

  BingoBoy 08:34 22 Jul 2010

In simple terms how do I reinstall SP3 on my PC?

  BingoBoy 08:45 22 Jul 2010

Thanks for the info - I will have a go when I get home this evening and can access my PC.

  woodchip 09:49 22 Jul 2010

Why not set it to manual Updates the run it once a month from the Icon in the Startup List

  BingoBoy 20:07 22 Jul 2010

I have just tried to uninstall SP3 by going into Add/Remove via the control panel and it does not come up with the option to remove it. Everything else that appears does have this option. How do I proceed?

  BingoBoy 08:13 23 Jul 2010

I managed to uninstall SP3 using START RUN but this has had a disastrous effect on my internet access.

IE will load my Virgin Media home page but as soon as I try a search it crashes with the message IE has encountered a problem and needs to close.

I have tried changing various internet settings using the Internet Options by trial and error but am way out of my depth. Does anybody know what my settings should be? I just want my internet and emails back!

I am now left with a PC that is running off SP2, I can't access the internet to reinstall SP3 and I have no email or forum access from home.

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