Windows XP applications slow to open

  Night Ryder 20:04 29 May 2004

I recently set up a new PC with Windows XP Professional. I have all the latest drivers for my hardware and latest bios for motherboard and graphics card. After installing all the software I need, I noticed that all applications are taking an unusual amount of time to appear on the screen. Even something as basic as opening "Windows explorer" or "My computer" are effected. Here's what happens using the example, clicking on the "My computer" icon on the desktop. I'll double click on the "My computer" icon and there is the expected brief disk activity followed by a delay of anything up to five seconds before the window opens. There is no disk activity during this delay or at the piont when the window finaly opens so I've ruled out the possibility of a hard disk problem. When the window opens it will either open cleanly or it will open hesitantly, gradualy displaying parts of the screen but it always gets there in the end. I would have considered the possibility of a graphics card problem but I have a multi boot system. When I boot to another Windows XP partition all is well. Has anyone got any ideas?

  Fruit Bat 21:17 29 May 2004

sounds like a problem of system resources using too much memory or cpu time.

click here for info on reducing program that over use your resources.

  Irishman 21:55 29 May 2004

Right click on "My Computer" left click on System Properties,Advanced.Performance Settings and turn off most of the default settings. Set it to Custom and fiddle about with the settings until you have the bare minimum that you need to have running. XP ships with so much rubbish running in the background it's a wonder some computers start at all.

  Night Ryder 22:48 30 May 2004

Tried all suggestions but could find no fault with the system. I started from scratch, reformatted and reinstalled the system. Now everything is working perfectly. I sometimes wonder if the order in which software is installed on a system makes the difference .. who knows? I've notice that some applications will throw up unexpected errors during the install process on installation and the next time not. Thanks anyway for all the suggestions.

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