Windows XP Activation Question

  automatichigh 21:05 02 Nov 2003

OK, silly me I bought The Full version of Windows XP Pro for my new PC Build.

At the time My PC wasn't accepting my SATA disk, so I thought I'd try the new OS on my laptop (at time loaded with WinXP Home)

Stupid Me though decided to activate it, now I have my new build fully up and running I came to activate XP - guess what:

"According to our records, the number of time you can activate Windows with this product key has been exceeded"

Its now telling me to ring this number.

OK is there any way round this without ringing the number.

Here's my idea: If i reinstall my laptop with the Home Version of WinXP, will it reconfigure the settings Microsoft Have and allow me to activate XP Pro on my new computer?

Has anyone actually rang the number, I'm I going to get a slap on the wrist or am I going to jail?

Please Help

Kind Regards


  [email protected] 21:12 02 Nov 2003

tell microsoft what you have told us

and i think they do let you install it on your laptop aswell

it has been known

  hugh-265156 21:14 02 Nov 2003


just uninstall the copy of xp pro from the laptop and give ms a call explaning what you did and they will sort you out.

they are quite helpful.

  Gaz 25 21:16 02 Nov 2003

I have rang the number after a new network adapter and more memory. It is automated.

All you do is phone the number, while the activation code is on the screen, enter it into the keypad and they read out a code that you enter.

It is quick and quite good, so no going to jail for you.

No need to worry, they are only out to catch people who are putting it on several systems and know what they are doing.

You did not mean to do that.

I have managed to get XP on 4 systems without Microsoft noticing. I only did this for test purposes all copies have been installed onky on ONE system, but I tried installing it on multiple just to test it.

Your Ok mate.

Good luck.

  automatichigh 21:21 02 Nov 2003

Gaz, are you sure its automated?

It says on the screen "Call an number below to SPEAK to a customer service representative"



  automatichigh 21:28 02 Nov 2003

Just rang the number, recorded message says "Calls may be recorded"

Hun up cos I'm too scared

  [email protected] 21:30 02 Nov 2003

if you have made an honest mistake i don't think they'l cut ya hands off!

  Brian-336451 21:32 02 Nov 2003

I've rung that number when I upgraded my hard drive. You say what you've done and read out the numbers on your screen, the operator gives you another load of numbers to unlock the OS and away you go - not to jail.

This is all blown out of proportion, I've never had anything but help from Microsoft when I've phoned up and I've done it 3 times now.

Its nothing to be bothered about.

  Gaz 25 21:36 02 Nov 2003

Dont be scared they are not going to do anything.

The code is simply a summary of your computer spec in cryptic.

Just ring it, you will be ok.

PS. It was automated when I phoned it, but you can speak to someone if you select that option.

  automatichigh 21:43 02 Nov 2003

I went through to the automated service.

The woman keeps saying at the end of it
"your code was not verified - please hold to be connected to a customer service representative."

Oh, god what should I say??

  Jack D 21:47 02 Nov 2003

What is the problem here, apparently you have done nothing wrong, what's with the hysteria?

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