windows xp activation problem

  theresnogoodnamesleft 23:37 02 Oct 2005

the problem here for my flatmate is that when he tries to activate his windows - he gets the message "unable to establish a connection with the activation server, please check network settings and confirm that you are able to connect to the internet then try again"

the thing is he already is connected to the internet - via a wanadoo wireless setup, so is there some way to change how windows tries to connect to activate?

i'm not sure if it makes any difference, but he installed sp2 right after he did a fresh install of xp, could that have affected it? it seems unlikely to be that though.

thanks for any help!

  billyliv 23:44 02 Oct 2005

Hi, I am under the impression that you cant instal SP2 unless windows checks your product key. If your product key is invalid SP2 will not instal. correct me if I am wrong (Again). Cheers, Bill.L.

  theresnogoodnamesleft 23:50 02 Oct 2005

his product key is valid, he already installed sp2 no problem, but it's the activation of windows xp that he can't manage.

like the thing when you freshly install windows and get the message "you have 30 days to activate windows..."
just for whatever reason the process doesn't recognise his connection to the internet so can't register/sctivate it for him

  billyliv 23:55 02 Oct 2005

Hi, His internet connection must be OK to instal SP2. The server may be very busy. Try the free Tel. No. Cheers, Bill.L.

  GiantMidget 00:00 03 Oct 2005

Just in case it isn't that, do you know how to change the windows internet activater connection settings (if that makes any sense).

  igk 00:02 03 Oct 2005

Activation no longer works via the internet M$ have stated this quite a few times you must use the 0800 number to do it by phone..

  GiantMidget 00:03 03 Oct 2005

ok, thanks bro

  phono 00:20 03 Oct 2005

After installing some new hardware I was required to reactivate Windows XP only yesterday, I did so over the Internet and did not have to use the phone.

  GiantMidget 00:47 03 Oct 2005

oh well. I just phoned and it worked.

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