Windows XP and 98SE Operating Systems on one PC

  Jaklawson 15:58 29 Dec 2004

Hi There!!!! I currently have a new PC with a 1000 mb ram & 400 GB hard disk (two 200gb disks showing as "c" & "D" drives.. Under Xp a number of my old programms I used do not run particularly my family tree programme "Ultimate Family Tree" I have tried the MS patches but they do not appear to work...(or I am doing something wrong... I also have a feeling it may be because I have 1000mb Ram installed...

What I would really like to do is to partition off part of the "D" drive to run 98Se (my old operating system on my old PC) so I am able to access my old programms.

Fom reading this magazine (and others) I feel this should be possble. However, I need a step by step approach as to how exactly to accomplish this venture...

Can anyone point me in the right direction or even supply such a step by step article in simple terms as I am a self taught fella & not entirely sure of my self yet...

thanks Jack

  Rayuk 16:03 29 Dec 2004

Unless someone knows better I think you have to instal Win98 first on the C drive then XP.dont take this for gospel, await further replies

  Rayuk 16:07 29 Dec 2004

And a quick Google proves me wrong
click here

  bluesbrother 16:14 29 Dec 2004

I used to have that setup using Partition Magic.
PM tells you everything you need to know and the wizard makes it a very straight forward operation.

I may be wrong but Win 98 may have a problem with that much memory.

  alnwrd 19:17 29 Dec 2004

Do you have one hard disk containing two partitions which you call c and d?

The easiest way to combine win98 and win xp is to start with a reformatted disk and firstly load win98 on drive c. You can then load win xp by booting the win xp disk in your cd drive and get the option of creating a separate partition to load xp. YOu can choose to make partition d of whatever size you like. After installation of xp you will automatically get the choice of operating systems to run on bootup.

I have read somewher that win98 does not like being installed on other than drive c. Also it will not recognise a disk(partition) size of more than 137gb

  Jeffers22 19:24 29 Dec 2004

Please also note that bluesbrother is correct - Win98 will have problems with more than 512Mb RAM. You will need to edit the system.ini

Install Windows 98 as usual, and when the system restartsn it will tell you that it is unable to start windows due to the fact that there is not enough memory (go figure!)
You need to restart you PC with a 98boot disk,
When in dos, you need to type the following;
c:\ (enter)(if C: is the partition you are installing Windows 98 on)
cd windows (enter)
edit system.ini (enter)
you will need to edit the following;
under the section [386Enh], you need to add the following line;

and under the [vcache] section,have the following two lines;
you then exit the system.ini page, and reboot your PC (removing your floppy disk), and that should take you into Windows

I would also recommend having Win98 on C: and XP on a later partition, due to the possible problems that may be caused with the boot.ini file if you do it the other way around.

  mattyc_92 19:24 29 Dec 2004

Use "Partition Magic"... It comes with "BootMagic" that allows you to "manage" your o/s's on your hard disk.... Using these two, will allow you to create "partitions" that stops the other o/s from viewing it... e.g. there will be 2 C:\ drives.... the one that isn't "active" will be hidden from your o/s.... This provides more security

  Jeffers22 19:28 29 Dec 2004

Multi booting under windows will hide the other partition as a matter of course - it is native to Windows multi-boot facility. Partition Magic (if you have it) will just make the whole job a little easier - providing you read the manual and instructions.

  mattyc_92 19:32 29 Dec 2004

Jeffers22, you are wrong... I have used the same setup before, but I didsn't use Partition Magic and my Win98 was on D:\ and winXP on c:\, and BOTH were visable and I could add and delete files and folders as I please.... I agree that Partition Magic just makes this easier to do this and PowerQuest/Symantec didn't create this option....

  gold 47 20:00 29 Dec 2004

W98 WXP on a dual boot you will have never ending
problems,always looks ok at first then the problems choose one or the other not both.

  mosfet 20:38 29 Dec 2004

I too have XP on C & 98se on D.NO probs.

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