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  pete_acol1 10:28 03 Feb 2003

had a prob with the modem on my Fujitsu , it ceased to work , still under guarrentee , at Pc world , who told me to use there Tech line , after spending very expensive minutes following there instructions and having to phone them back to say it still did not work . I was told it woud need to be reinstalled to get the driver back on . Well I furiously got down to Pc world , you did it for me .
The question I hope some one will answer is ...If I had 2 XPs on my PC could I have used the second one to connect to my Isp .
will be very gratefull for an answer as I read in this months Adviser about having multiple Windows on the hard drive , like 95, 98, ect,,,
thaks to any one who can help

  graham 10:50 03 Feb 2003


  Lú-tzé 11:00 03 Feb 2003

If you are starting from scratch, go with a dual boot system - say Win98 and XP. For that you will need two (or more) partitions.

Install win98 onto C drive and then WinXP onto D drive.

If you then had a problem with one OS, the other should still be functional. If you had a hardware problem, then obviously that would be a different issue.

I am not sure how to go about installing the same OS twice - ie two versions of XP, but it may be possible to do it.

  Qmar 04:44 05 Feb 2003
  cream. 06:49 05 Feb 2003

pete_acol1. If you choose to duel boot, then do as Lú-tzé suggests. Install 98 first then X\P on a partition.

X\P will put it's own boot loader on for you so you can switch.

Make sure you choose FAT32 for X\P so that when you work in 98 it will see the files on X\P.

If you put NTFS on X\P then these files will be invisible in win 98 mode.

  Lú-tzé 08:29 05 Feb 2003

Further to the village idiot, have a separate partition for your data (my documents, email, and so on) and then you have an option to go with NTFS for XP. It will run more stable and faster and the data will be available to both systems.

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