Windows XP

  hendog 11:17 30 Jan 2003

Can anyone advise please? I recently bought a Pc pre-loaded with WinXP. After 2 months use I note that the hard drive is showing that 23 Gig is being used. I have tried running search-files and folders, including hidden but cannot find anything unusual. My second PC runs WIN98 and the same sort of progs and internet usage but uses less than 3GB. Is this huge use of space normal for XP,and is there some way I can further examine the hard drive?


  Elrond 11:23 30 Jan 2003

Unless you've got 23gig of files and programs on their, 23gig isn't normal usage for winXP. WinXP itself only requires 1.5gig.

  Lozzy 11:32 30 Jan 2003

Run de-frag, Scan disk, Disk Clean up and then re look.. If it still at 23 gig which is un believable down load Clean-up click here

  jazzypop 12:01 30 Jan 2003

Open Windows Explorer, right-click on each folder and select Properties. That will tell you the size of all the files in that folder (and it's sub-folders). If you find a folder containing an unusually large size, check the sub-folders within it.

If you don't recognise the 'monster folder', post back with the name of the folder.

I suspect that System Restore is the main culprit.

  hendog 14:07 30 Jan 2003

Thanks for the suggestions. I have run all the system tools plus a cleanup programme to no effect. I looked at all the folders as suggested by jazzypop but did not find anything unusual, but am also suspicious about System restore,although the amount of space set aside for restore only runs to megabytes.

  billyliv 14:20 30 Jan 2003

Hi, Your system restore may only be set as you say to megabytes, but if you have loads and loads of restore points you will be taking up an awful lot of space. I keep mine set at 2% now. Cheers, Bill

  jazzypop 14:26 30 Jan 2003

There are many free utilities that will examine your drive and report where all the space is being used. Try click here for one such program

  hendog 12:24 31 Jan 2003

Thanks for the help everyone. I have done as you suggested jazzypop and also downloaded the freebie prog. This should keep me amused for hours.


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