windows XP

  Birder 1 22:23 21 Jan 2006

Can i get rid of the above which was preinstalled on my Sony VA10 its different to the version i have been using, and some things are no longer on the version i have now and i need them.

  VoG II 22:41 21 Jan 2006

Presumably you mean chanhing from Home to Pro version. What 'extras' do you need.

See this thread click here and think carefully.

  Birder 1 22:58 21 Jan 2006

Hi VoG,

i dont want XP Professional i want the same issue of XP Home ive been using for two years, i used to be able to download photos and use them as walpaper now i can only have the photos as Background

  VoG II 23:08 21 Jan 2006

Same thing, isn't it?

  Totally-braindead 00:52 22 Jan 2006

Not sure what you mean either. If your laptop has XP home on it and you still have the XP disks theres no point buying another copy. Windows XP Home is the same Windows XP home it was 3 years ago, the only difference is the copy they sell now has SP1, which are patches, built in, the latest version may have SP2. But the Windows is exactly the same. All you have to do is download the Windows updates.
Could you try to explain what you mean as its the same thing to me as well.

  gudgulf 01:13 22 Jan 2006

I think I know what you mean.......but I'm not sure that you can do anything about it.

I have seen this in the past on my system,but only prior to adding SP1 (mines an old pre SP version of XP pro).You could set a picture as the backround and a second picture over the top of it as wallpaper.

These days with XP SP2 I can only pick a basic colour as Background and use a downloaded image or photo as wallpaper over that basic colour.In the desktop settings XP refers to what was wallpaper under Win2000 as "Background" and what used to be the background setting under the "Appearance" tab only now lets you select a colour scheme.

Birder this what you mean?

Anyone out there know how to set a picture rather than a plain background colour underneath the desktop wallpaper in XP SP2?

  Totally-braindead 01:23 22 Jan 2006

gudgulf if that is what he/she means then could you not create a picture using some graphics software, save it and then use that? Would that work?

  gudgulf 01:43 22 Jan 2006

Yes it does right clicking an image and choosing "set as background".

Both will put the Image as the desktop wallpaper.

My point is that the wallpaper is now referred to by Windows as "background".

In fact the wallpaper sits on top of a basic colour theme...which used to be referred to as the "background"

Try it....pick a small image that will not fill the screen and set it as background......make sure it is set to "centre" in the desktop settings.

You should see the image surrounded by a plain colour (blue in my case).Now that blue colour can be changed in the Appearance tab you get when right clicking the desktop.In the past you could set an image rather than a colour so you could get one image appearing on top of another image.

I think Birder 1 might be getting confused by the terminology....."Background" nowadays being the term used for the picture you set on your desktop rather than the term "wallpaper"

I also think that the change from the version "which was preinstalled on my Sony VA10" is simply the slight changes to XP caused by the various service packs and other updates applied over the years.

I can't think of any other changes to XP given that he is still using the same XP Home as the pc came with.

  Birder 1 09:39 22 Jan 2006

Thanks for al your comments, when i set the photo in the past as wallpaper you got one perfect image.

Now you cant add as walpaper but as background and you get for arguments sake one image 40 times which i dont want.

  Birder 1 09:51 22 Jan 2006

I have now got one picture on my screen but it is a blurred image, would that be because my screen size is larger than before, or do i have to change my colour size to fit the screen.

Thanks again to everyone who has commented so far

  gudgulf 12:55 22 Jan 2006

To set the image size right click the desktop and click on Properties and select the desktop tab.

In order to get a clear image you need to select an image that is the same size (or very nearly ) as your 800x600.

There are three options you can select.....

Centre.......this will display the image in the centre of the screen.If the image is small you will see a small image in the middle of your screen surrounded by a border of your background colour.

Stretch......which will expand the image to fill your desktop.Obviously if it is a small image it will become blurred as it is magnified to fit.

Tile.....This produces many small copies of the image to give a tiled effect over the whole screen.

Just try to find images that are of similar size to your desktop resolution.

Hope this helps.

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