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  maz2 17:51 19 Aug 2004

A friend bought a new PC last January and when it arrived they had installed Windows 98 on it, as she's not very up on computers she didn't think anything about it however now she's having a problem with conflicts i.e. her printer and modem don't like each other, so she's thinking of upgrading to Xp can you tell me what the easiest and cheapest way to go about this is, it looks a lot of money to lay out, why the devil they put 98 on a new Pc I don't know, I know there is a problem with the Alcatel modem but I managed to get this installed to the cost of the printer not working, we were just hoping that by upgrading to Xp these problems would be solved

  Totally-braindead 18:03 19 Aug 2004

I would get her to check what operating system was specified in the quote, I haven't seen Win 98 specified on a new computer for probably a couple of years now, I would say it very unusual to get Win98 installed in any new PC. If I was her I would be contacting the vendor she bought the system from.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:05 19 Aug 2004

Assume your are talking about USB printer and modem.

Both these devices draw alot of power from the USB hub so won't work together in same hub. installing XP will not cure this.

A cheap option is to buy a USB PCI card (make sure it has drivers for win 98) approx £10.

run modem from port on rear of PC and printer from card

  Djohn 19:58 19 Aug 2004

I agree with Totally-braindead. Most unusual to have come installed with 98 unless specifically requested by your friend. Did she get a 98se CD with the system or was it just pre-installed?

Fruit Bat /\0/\ is correct in that some modems are greedy and will drop line connections if they don't have the full 500 milliamp power to themselves but the Alcatel is fairly happy to share with other peripherals. I have 2 USB2 PCI cards and a 4 port powered hub with my system but find that my Alcatel modem gets on fine using the same card as my printer/scanner/camera.

I very often have my broadband connection live while using the printer and scanner at the same time without any problems, so yes, a separate card or powered hub may help but is not always the answer, especially as her PC is so new then the USB ports that are already on the PC will be USB2 and should be well up to the job of coping with the demands of a printer and modem at the same time.

  maz2 22:58 19 Aug 2004

I've just had a think about it and remember now that when the printer was installed although it was connected with a usb cable it comes up with connected to lpt1 which I presume is the printer port and not the usb. The Pc has 6 ubs ports on it 4 on the back and 2 on the front and as I have the same Pc although with XP installed and have a printer and modem installed with no problem I can't understand why hers won't work. It doesn't seem to be finding the usb port for some reason any ideas how I can install it properly

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