Windows Xp

  shepps_7 09:34 05 Jul 2004

i have recently done a system restore and then logged back on and i cant access my user accounts, help and support and search. also i cant access my javascript. help me now!!!!!!

  rawprawn 11:49 05 Jul 2004

Can you restore again at an earlier date?

  shepps_7 14:58 05 Jul 2004

No. because it is blank when i click on it to try and do it again.

  VoG II 15:29 05 Jul 2004
  BIG ben strikes 10 18:03 05 Jul 2004

hes my cux hes rude!.don't answer his questions

  VoG II 18:06 05 Jul 2004

He did send me an e-mail:

dude u are the greatest. thank u very much mate i can now enjoy my PC alot more.

  rawprawn 18:18 05 Jul 2004

Can you please translate.hes my cux hes rude!.don't answer his questions

  BIG ben strikes 10 18:24 05 Jul 2004

yes he said you were a dude on msn messenger.
he dosn't stop talkin about
he best not here my messages otherwise hell give me a punch...hes older than
vog - you have helped me manytimes before it will be my sister..not suprising hes messed things up.hes obsessed with the system restore.....

  BIG ben strikes 10 18:27 05 Jul 2004

"hes my cousin he is rude do not answer his questions" only joking though to annoy him

  BIG ben strikes 10 18:31 05 Jul 2004

his name is actully "sheppardears" not "shepps"

  shepps_7 19:37 05 Jul 2004

hey ben shut ur mouth up. i cant beleieve u sed that. but that dude thsat helped me was a lifesaver. cuz my PC wud ave been wreck and my mum and dad wud have went mental at me. and wud have askeed me to buy a new PC

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