Windows XP

  dazza39 11:03 21 Dec 2003

I keep getting conflicting reports on whether this is a worth while upgrade,what do others think here?,I have Windows 98SE,but am forever having to reinstall every so often,because of errors faults etc.I am replacing my master drive and am told that a clean install for XP is required for optimal use.Also on another note some of the games on my PC wern't around when XP came on to the scene so would they still work?.eg Tribes 2 as an example.

  VoG II 11:06 21 Dec 2003

click here and see if your hardware and software are compatible.

  dazza39 11:16 21 Dec 2003

Thanks Vog,am downloading the Upgrade Advisor now.looked on the chart and Windows 98 is okay for upgrade,but i'm using goingto be using the full OEM version.

  dazza39 11:30 21 Dec 2003

Hey VoG ran the program,didn't come back with any messages etc so i can assume i will be okay to upgrade?.

  VoG II 11:33 21 Dec 2003

Well, presumably, yes?

I' is a long time since I ran that program but I seem to remember that it created a log file that listed everything that you have and whether or not they are compatible. Did it do that?

  dazza39 11:35 21 Dec 2003

It didn't list a log????

  VoG II 11:40 21 Dec 2003

You should be OK then. When you install XP it should warn you if anything won't work.

  Stuartli 11:41 21 Dec 2003

Use the Program Compatibility Wizard to allow XP to run older programs if they won't run.

XP has an extensive range of drivers and most of your present hardware etc should be OK.

The only drivers I had to renew from Windows98SE were for the Diamond modem and Creative soundcard.

  dazza39 11:50 21 Dec 2003

Yeah just got the report,though it picked up some incompatibility issues,if i'm doing a clean install from scratch,i will need to reinstall all my software drivers anyway.

  dazza39 11:54 21 Dec 2003

..So hopefully XP will install these as re-install my software...

  spuds 12:26 21 Dec 2003

Should advice though that not all W95 and W98 programmes are compatible, even using the Xp compatibility facility, which cannot solve all downloading procedures.I have a number of older programmes, that XP doesn,t like at all, and will refuse to load.Best to try and install them, and if they are rejected,do what I have done. Install two hard-drives,one with XP and the other with your existing O/S, which you you know will work on your older treasures.

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