Windows XP

  brambles 21:02 15 Dec 2003

I have almost satisfactoriy upgraded from Windows ME to Windows XP. I have resolved a lot of problems along the way - which I expected after seeing the list of non-conforming items it produced after the installation.

Now only the following item remains to be resolved & I can then enjoy my Christmas.

When I click on the BTOpenworld icon to dial up the Internet I am presented with a dialup box which I always have to enter my password - even though instructing it to save. Then when the dialing operation goes through I am left with the 'White CAN'T DISPLAY Page'

Now if I close Zone Alarm down & click on the Internet Explorer icon I get a proper dialup box with my password alreday saved within it & I go correctly onto the BTOpenworld Home Page as I want to.

I have previously removed Zone Alarm & downloaded the latest version but it doesn't help - i still have to close it down to access the Internet.


  LastChip 21:25 15 Dec 2003

Have you turned off XP's built in firewall. It and ZA do not play well together!

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